Natural Health-Alternatives and Remedies

Hi I'm WilliamIn the day and age we live in, we are bombarded on everyside for prescription and over the counter solutions through tv, magazine, and internet advertisements.  You would think that the only option we have is some pharmaseutical.

There is good news!  There are many natural health and home remedies and alternatives that have been proven to be effective that we may have in our kitchen, pantry, garden and refrigerator.


About Home Health Remedies

Home remedies can save you money from the astronomical costs of a professional expert and medicine.  Don’t misunderstand me, there are times when you need to consult a medical physician or professional in a particular field for advice or a solution.  But in many cases, the situation can be solved right from your kitchen.  A lot of these items we already have in our possession.


Prevention Is The Best Approach

There are several avenues of approach that we can confront the problem.  Some of these can be achieved through dietary solutions, lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs.  Expert    Natural Alternative Remediesinformation and knowledge of this can absolutely change our life.

Doctors for the most part are very good at what they do.  Where they come up short many times is teaching us about the prevention of many ailments and diseases through dietary solutions and vitamin supplements.  Prevention of ailments and disease is simplier and less expensive by addresing one’s lifestyle habits, our diet, and through good nutrition.


Elements Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle

We are pressed on every side by unhealthy factors such as our environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the processed foods we eat, lack of exercise, smoking, too much alcohol, and how we relate to stress.  Chemicals breathed, ingested, drank, or absorbed through the skin causes a myriad of diseases and sickness.


We live in a fast food society, which has little to no healthy value as far as nutrition.  We are so stressed for time that we do not take the time to eat good nutritious type foods.  As a result, our society is overweight and malnutritioned to a degree, causing a good deal of health related problems, such as heart disease and many other issues.

We have all heard the old cliche, “We are what we eat.”  Food is farmed many times with no regard to the health benefits we get when consumed.  The reason being it is more cost effective to take the easy route in raising crops, and not taking into consideration the health repercussions of the end user, you and me.  Vegetables and fruit are sprayed in the field with chemical related herbicides and pesticides.  Our beef and poultry and other meats are fed and injected with chemicals to prevent disease and for growth and weight gain that is not healthy for human consumption.

Some elements such as mercury and lead are not flushed out through the kidneys and liver, but remain in certain organs of our bodies.  This can result in Alzheimer, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, and circulation restrictions causing heart failure.  We can not escape every element that we come in contact with, but some can be avoided.  Our environment is polluted with many chemicals, or a combination of chemicals.  But we have choices when it comes to our food.

The natural way or organic way of producing our food is more expensive and time-consuming.  But counting the cost here, had you rather pay now or pay later with a less than desirable healthy body.  It takes time, many times years to see the results done to our bodies from chemically raised crops, beef, and poultry food.


An Alternative To Post Treatment

Instead of waiting to treat an illness or symptoms of a disease, why don’t we address the prevention of disease.  With a little research and some good sources, one can become educated in natural remedies that can prevent many ailments, and also reduce the time that we may be going through some ailment, treating it naturally.  There is no excuse in this age of technology that we live in of not having access to good proven sources of information leading us to good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  There are medical doctors who have twenty to thirty years of research and experience with results of their patients that have proven to be tried and tested.

There are many remedies that have been researched and applied that helps to reduce or even eliminate the ailment.  A lot of old home remedies have been put back on the shelf that were forgotten over the years that were used before we had more modern mass-produced products that are easily bought at box stores.

Many of these remedies have been rediscovered and are being implemented that are giving amazing results.

We are not making scientific and medical claims, but only bringing to our attention results and testimonies that have been made by in home use.  I do not advocate not using a medical professional, which I believe one with a medical condition should consult first, but also consider natural health remedies and alternatives that our Maker made available to us.

Even though our bodies have taken a toll from the stress, wear and tear, and the negligence of the proper nutrition, there is hope in reversing a lot of the symptoms that we may have incurred.


A Proven Path

Being aware of how we are affected by what we consume daily, and because of the pollution of our environment, and a neglect of a daily proper exercise regimen, we need a simplier and a less cost effective way to approach our ailments and malnourished, and vitamin deficient bodies.

The first step to a healthier and more energetic way of life is to be conscious of the fact that there is a remedy.  The next step is what am I going to do about it, what avenue of action am I going to take.  It takes research on our behalf.  Sure, there are scams out there in every field, that is why we need to be as informed as possible.