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  The SoClean 2 CPAP Cleanser And Sanitizer

New Way to Clean your CPAP Apparatus  

SoClean is a quick and easy way to rid your CPAP equipment of any germs, mold, bacteria, or viruses. This machine relieves the cumbersome work of washing, sanitizing, and cleaning your CPAP machine, hose, and mask by hand.

The SoClean 2 cleaning sanitizing machine uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize killing 99.9% of the CPAP bacteria, pathogens, and germs. There is no need for water or chemicals to clean, requiring no dis-assembly, saving valuable time.

The SoClean2 removes all the confusion in dis-assemblying the hose, mask, and reservoir. All this simple method requires is to place the mask inside the chamber, still connected to the hose, and close the lid, and engage by activating a button on the front. This process will clean the whole unit, mask, hose, and reservoir.  When the cycle is completed, let it sit for two hours before opening the lid and removing.

The SoClean 2 is also compatible with a variety of CPAP machines. It may require a different adapter for your machine.

With this machine, you have peace of mind that you’re breathing fresh, pure clean air, as long as it is in use.


Operating The SoClean 2 Machine

Anyone can operate this machine, it’s very simple.  Just take the mask, still connected to the hose and place it inside the chamber, close the lid, push the start button and it will cycle through and shut off automatically.  You can also start the unit manually.  You will not need to disassemble any components to disinfect your equipment daily.

It will remove 99.9% of CPAP bacteria mold, bacteria, and viruses in your mask, reservoir, and hose giving you peace of mind that your CPAP machine, reservoir, hose, and mask is clean, eliminating the hassle of dis-assembly.  No water or chemicals are required.

SoClean recommends putting your CPAP sanitizing machine through this cycle every day.

SoClean 2 comes with a slot plug so you can use either side of the unit.  To change sides, just remove plug and place it on the opposite side. The unit will not operate if the plug is not installed correctly, or if the mask and hose is not in the chamber.


Cleaning Cycle

Insert the mask still connected to the hose and machine into the chamber.  A red indicator light will appear, when the SoClean machine is operating and generating activated oxygen for the duration of the run time of 5-10 minutes, then a yellow light will appear.  At the end of the run cycle, wait for two hours to go through the disinfecting cycle,  and a green light will appear when disinfecting has been successfully completed, indicating it’s okay to remove the mask from the chamber.

The SoClean filter and check valve should be replaced every six months.


Benefits Of SoClean 2 Machine

*Protect your health

*Kills 99.9% mold, bacteria, and viruses

*Can be used with many mask types


*No water or chemicals



*No dis-assembly

*Front clock and display

*Indicator light

*Can use on either left or right side

*Uses filter cartridge

*Shuts off automatically


The SoClean 2 is recommended by many medical suppliers to disinfect and clean the device.